The Right Thing: TO WAIT

ImageAs far as I know and as far as waiting is concern, I believe that I am the most impatient man who lives in face of the earth. My old nature always tells me not to wait but grab every opportunity especially in the matters of love. In my life, as far as I know, I always turn my back to the will of God; I always look at the opportunity to be on the naughty side of my character; and most of the time, I always fulfill the lust of my flesh – it is like surrendering into a warfare and giving up and just falling. As a Christian, I have to admit that I am far, far, far, far, far and so far in terms of Christian total spiritual maturity and how do we really measure it? Do we measure maturity by standing in front of the congregation and give a talk or a testimony? Do we measure maturity by singing in front of a lot of people? Do we measure it by having a good leadership in the Church? Or do we measure it by the years of our attendance in the church?

I realized that the real measurement of our maturity depends on how we give our sincere love for God; it is on how we think more of others than ourselves; it is on how we see ourselves before God; it is on how we give more than we take and it is on how we serve more than to be served, so on and so forth.

And I realized that waiting is the hardest thing to accomplish but the grace of God is always sufficient; the grace of God has given me strength to move on and go on and it is the reason why I can still say these things. I am who I am by the grace of God and as long as I live, I will always stand whenever I fall; I will always do what God wants me to do. I know, I am not perfect but God has a perfect plan for me; I know I cannot do it on my own but God is my strength and I can only have strength through Him. Waiting is always the right thing.

God may say “Yes” in the end or “No”, at least we have waited and did it in the center of His will.

God’s Word is my weapon from Satan’s attack and by God’s grace the LORD will equip me to use my weapon for His own glory.

Readers, the battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. Thanks for your time.


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