A Good Night Message For My Readers: A Sincere One

…And before I say goodbye, let me share you something.

As we all know, time flies so fast. Our lives everyday always have the uncertainty of what’s ahead of us. We don’t know what’s gonna happen when we wake up in the morning; we don’t know what’s gonna happen when we start to close our eyes and dream of having a better tomorrow, the bottom line – we are ignorant.

But with those uncertainties of life, I am certain of one thing. I am certain that I have a God who holds my tomorrow; a God who keeps my soul; a God who answers my prayer; a God who will give me strength and will pour me His sufficient GRACE that I need; a God who loves me and that in no wise will separate me from His love.

I may not know my tomorrow but these assurances will keep me alive and will keep me serving Him within His love. :)))

Do you want to have the same assurance? Receive Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior, open your heart to Him and allow Him to control your life.

We fail God everyday but His mercies endure forever and morning by morning they are new the Bible says.

You only have to see Him by faith because when you see Jesus by faith, it means you’re looking upon His friendly heart. :)))

Good Night my dear friends. 🙂


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