One Thing In Missing True Friends

True friendship is not seen in the midst of happiness and enjoyment; true friendship does not only exist when things are in favor of us; and true friendship is not only seen in the best moments of our lives.

Sometimes, we have to look at true friendship as one thing treasurable and as an unforgettable experience.

Whenever I encounter people who do not know what friendship means, I wonder if these kinds of people are really happy in their lives, I wonder if they can still smile to each person they meet everyday – I just wonder?

But people with a heart of true friendship can smile and make people smile at the same time; they are the people who tap your back in the midst of your problems; they are the people who can tell you the truest feeling that they have – whether it be good or negative feeling.

Friendship is the most mutual relationship created by God for mankind, because God knows that even though we consider someone a brother, sister or whatsoever, one thing is the closest to everyone’s heart and that is what we call “Friends”.

True friends show love unconditionally; they are kind without any doubt of showing it to those people they consider friends…

But unfortunately, not all people are like that; not all people can consider you a friend and not all people can be your friend – we can’t please everybody.

I miss my old friends… I miss my old but true friends… :DDDDD

-Ahmed Guillermo-Letrondo


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