“Yes, I am 27 Now” by Ahmed Guillermo-Letrondo

My New Year Starts Today!

Yes, I am 27 now.

It has already been a long journey since I was born 27 years ago and it has already been a wonderful journey since I trusted Christ to be my LORD and personal Savior 12 years ago.

Through the years, I have already seen many things; I have already experienced the faithfulness of God in my life, His forgiveness, mercy, grace and unconditional love.

Through the years, I have experienced how God could answer my prayers and answer them even beyond my expectations and even beyond what I really deserved.

So, starting today, and to start my another wonderful journey in Christ – I would like to be grateful, I would like to thank God for everything and I would like to honor Him in my life.

I thank God for His word, the Bible, the dearest book to me, I thank Him because through this Book, I have known Christ and I have seen His will.

I thank God for His work, the Ekklesia, my dearest Lighthouse BBC, I thank Him because through His work, I believe that I am planted into a good ground, I am planted where God can use me tremendously by His grace.

I thank God for my Pastor, my dearest Pastor Reuben, your being my Pastor is always a privilege for me. Thank you for giving to us the word of God and thank you for always leading us and guiding us to even have the courage to Step a Step of Faith. I love you, Pastor.

I thank God for my Brethren, my dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You are truly a blessing to me, I may not be able to mention all of you by your names but you know who you are and God knows how much I am thankful to have you as my Brethren and from the bottom of my heart, I love you in the Lord.

And of course, to my family, I still pray that someday, we will be together serving the Lord, always praying for you.

Thank you everyone for all your warm greetings!

Words are limited to extend all my thanks to you.

And yes, I am 27 now and I would like to start my day “thankful”.

—- God bless you all.


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